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Live A Real Mexican Party In Cancun With Your Family or friends This 16 September 2024

Here the party never ends, visit the best nightclubs in Cancun.

The Independence Day is one of the most significant Mexican Party. Every September 15, the country dresses in green, white and red to commemorate the beginning of the fight for independence. This date is synonymous with parties, mariachi music, traditional food and an atmosphere full of joy and national pride. It is a perfect opportunity for many families and couples to get together, celebrate and create unforgettable memories.

A different kind of celebration on the beaches of Cancun, welcome to our ¡Mexican Party!

Why not twist this special date and celebrate it on the beautiful Cancun beaches? The hotels in Cancun offer a unique experience to enjoy the Mexican Parties with a touch of sun, sand, and sea. Imagine spending the day on the beach, enjoying water activities and ending the night with a traditional Mexican party under the stars. It's an opportunity to relax, reconnect with family and enjoy life in a paradisiacal setting.

Create unforgettable memories with your family and friends at a Cancun Hotel.

The Independence Day festivities in Cancun are perfect for couples, families and group of friends. This destination not only offers beautiful beaches, but also a variety of activities and events that will make this celebration truly special. From themed dinners to fireworks shows, every moment will be filled with excitement and joy.

But, if you plan to visit one of the best nightclubs Cancun has nothing to compare when it comes to partying and nightlife, besides being a destination full of great beaches, innovative hotels and ecological parks that will take your breath away; Cancun is also a place to live, sing and dance the night away.

What to do on September 16 in Cancun?

On September 15, celebrate the Independence Day in Cancun's main square, surrounded by joy, fireworks and delicious traditional food. But what to do after the party is over? On September 16, you can continue partying and relaxing even more. Here are our tips on what to do in Cancun the day after the Grito de Independencia.

What to do in Cancun in September? Independence Day is just around the corner, and if you, like us, love this date, you'll already be making plans. In this season, you can't miss a night of fun in one of the best nightclubs in Cancun, most of them during the national holidays have a Mexican Party, where you will have so much fun that you will want to shout ¡viva México! In Cancun you will find mythical party nights that seem to have no end, world renowned entertainment and incredible nightclubs where you will find foreign and local tourists having fun and enjoying the best music, dancing, and drinks in the best nightclubs in Cancun.

In all the clubs located in Cancun's hotel zone you will have a great experience not only during the national holidays, but all year long. At Travel Raintree we want you to have fun, that's why we recommend 4 of the best nightclubs in Cancun.

Where are the best nightclubs in Cancun?

If you are looking for partying and nightlife, Cancun is the best destination to spend this September 15th. You will find nightclubs in the downtown area, but the best ones are undoubtedly in the hotel zone, on Kukulcan Avenue.

The 4 best nightclubs in Cancun


Mandala is one of the most versatile nightclubs in Cancun, if you prefer the fun to start in the morning, Mandala will be your favorite place! Here you can witness the stunning Caribbean Sea with all your friends, there is good music and delicious tropical drinks.

At night, it turns from an open-air bar into a nightclub with Hindu-like decoration, you will listen to techno music and delicious cocktails will sweeten your night.

Without a doubt, this is a nightclub that will invite you to have fun, because its facade is completely open, if you walk along Kukulcan Boulevard, it will invite you to spend an unbeatable night. The best part: it is only 10 minutes away from Club Regina Cancun!

Coco Bongo

You haven't lived the whole Cancun experience if you haven't been to Coco Bongo; you'll find acrobats, musical tributes and a continuous festive atmosphere that has led it to become an international spectacle.

The atmosphere is enlivened with the best music. You will enjoy the best in terms of technology and special effects, in Coco Bongo you will always be in a good place to see everything that happens in this incredible place, they have high resolution giant screens and make sure that no corner is left without fun.

Coco Bongo is one of the best nightclubs in Cancun's hotel zone, it is open every day of the week and guarantees a completely unique night. The entrance fee includes drinks bar, both international and national and a snack, you'll love it!

La Vaquita

We love La Vaquita, because it is one of the most atmospheric clubs in Cancun, the place is small compared to the others on this list, but we assure you that you will have an incredible night.

Its ambiance is similar to that of a bar, it has a bar, and you will be able to see the Kukulcan Boulevard! You'll find good music, cocktails, and even dancers to set the mood at nightfall. It's the perfect place to get in the mood or to enjoy a last shot of tequila before heading back to your hotel.

The City

The City is one of Cancun's best nightclubs …and also the biggest! It has 3 floors of absolute fun, which makes it the largest nightclub in Latin America. There you can order the drink of your choice at any of the 9 bar stations inside.

The City is the Cancun nightclub you must go to if you want to have an impressive party with your friends. Thanks to its fame and capacity, it is also used as a concert venue for artists such as DJ Tiesto, Fergie, Paul Van Dyk, Hardwell and many more.

Stay at Club Regina, a beachfront hotel in Cancun.

After enjoying the day at the most beautiful beaches of Quintana Roo and spending an incredible night in one of the best nightclubs in Cancun, you'll surely want to get to a place that offers all the amenities, such as **restaurant, pool and spa.

Look no further, Club Regina Cancun has what you are looking for, it is located only 15 minutes away from the best nightclubs in Cancun, so after a memorable night you will arrive quickly and we will welcome you with open arms this Fiestas Patrias to your beachfront hotel in Cancun.

With a privileged location just 15 minutes from Cancun International Airport, our hotel awaits you between the sea and the Nichupte lagoon so no matter which room you choose, the view from your room will be beautiful. If you plan to spend September 16th in Cancun, take advantage of our Cancun lodging offer during the Summer Sale, you will enjoy 60% discount We are waiting for you!

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